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To succeed in a business environment, we should not forget who we. It is important to remember that the beliefs and values make Rama Group unique. Acting in accordance with the beliefs and values will keep us on the right path, and will continue to increase the strength of our company. Beliefs and values encourage behavior and enable the achievement of our mission - providing "Best Solution To Customers by Product Innovation"

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WE DEMONSTRATE INTEGRITY. Integrity is at the heart of our relationship. We demonstrate integrity with trust, respect and empower our employees, and operations every day with authenticity, openness and reliability. We are each responsible for doing the right thing.

WE TELL THE TRUTH. We are relentless in exposing and sharing the truth and being honest with ourselves, co-workers, our bosses, and society in general. We maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical practice.

WE RESPECT FOR INDIVIDUAL. We treat others with respect, and appreciate each other's feelings and contributions. We are seriously considering the ideas and viewpoints of others, and acknowledge our differences. We thrive under high standards, prosperous when an individual to grow and meet new challenges.

WE PROMOTE COOPERATION. We realize that in almost every action we are part of a team, and through our collaborative efforts to align workforce. We proactively engage others, which have a dramatic effect on productivity and job satisfaction. We share best practices and ideas, and become involved early in the decision-making.

WE LISTEN. We pursue and value the views of others, and the desire to learn about the opinions that differ from our own. Through regular two-way communication, internally and externally, we encourage new ways to solve business problems, and we make the company better.


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WORK SAFETY. As a permanent agenda and priorities at all operational meetings, safety is our main company. Our products are engineered for safe operation and we start and maintain a safe workplace. We diligently adhere to company safety program, and is committed to maintaining natural resources and our global environment.
Quality without compromise in the eyes of customers, products and services we have a reputation for being high quality. We are responsible to ensure quality is built into everything we do. Superior performance and quality ensure trust and confidence in the future of our products.

CUSTOMER CARE. Our customers come first. We believe that every interaction - internal and external - is a customer interaction that demands professionalism and respect. We believe we can make a difference in the lives of our customers. We believe understanding our customers and listening to their unique needs ensures we deliver products and services that focus on the customer.

INNOVATION. Innovation is essential to create a solution that aims to improve end user productivity and profitability. We develop and use breakthrough ideas to create solutions that bring real value to customers and deliver improved financial returns for the company.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. We continue to strive for continuous improvement that fast, we are never satisfied. We are excited by change, and continue to think ahead and anticipate how we can better serve our customers. We are always researching how we can do better, and engage constructively with the people associated with the company to gain additional knowledge and learn from past mistakes.



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